Monday, June 14, 2010

Client Website Upload

This is the final product for the Client Website Assessment.

The website will eventually be further more built for the Client as the Client requests me to keep it updated from time to time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Client Website Experience

My Client was for Julie Brumwell Visual Artist, my latest mockup I posted was used and finalized into the end result, and now this post will reflect on my process through this.

Initial Brainstorming / Mockups

I managed to get this part of my website process done quite easy, with a few concepts, keeping a few mockups similar, I only did 4 mockups before I awaited showing them to the Client.

Pre-Dreamweaver Development of Website

I had to change the concept completely after showing my first mockups as the Client wasn't fully satisfied, this did annoy me quite a bit but after doing a 5th mockup the Client was very pleased and I began the process of cutting up the design for Dreamweaver implementation.

Dreamweaver Development

The Clients needs weren't too strict, It was a 5 page website with some Flash objects, mainly banner and nav, no problems there. Had an issue getting actual Clients content to fill the pages, other than that the Client viewed the half-completed Dreamweaver process and loved it, If i do quote it looked "classy"

Working with the Client

As I did mention before the Client was not too strict on the design so I managed to kind of take control and tell the Client what they needed. The only issue with the Client was changing the mockup look COMPLETELY, I had actually initially started some basic Dreamweaver placement, had to ditch this. Content was yes also hard to get, though there was lack of communication with the Client as they were busy most of the time.

Finalization of Website

The end result came out fantastic, the Client was satisfied with it, not all the Clients images were fully in the website as of yet because they hadn't actually taken images of their artwork, but I was okay to add these for them later on in the year. It was a very challenging and enjoyable experience in developing this website and it felt real in terms of workplace Client to Designer Relationship.

Overall in What I've Learn't

Don't start cutting up a website until the Mockup is definitely confirmed! I was annoyed when the Client changed design ideas, but It was partially my fault jumping right into it. Clients also need to be assured and sometimes hassled for content sometimes, sometimes felt like I was pestering them but it was all for the best. I've also learn actually more into Web Design, mainly with 100% fitting content on the browser screen, better layouting.

Search engine optimization and Flash

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Search engine optimization and Flash

Encoding video with Flash Video Encoder


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2nd mockup, and most likely final design!

This is my 2nd mockup, big change from my other, reasons are because of different client needs, I am more happy with this decision though and so is my Client. The Design has changed drastically from the original earlier mockups, the Client requested a darker look and to match some websites they had given me, eg:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Client Website Current

Current Design for my Client, still in mockup form to confirm layout before putting into dreamweaver.

Basekit competition Interface

Monday, April 19, 2010

proposal mockup

Quite happy with this as a frontpage cause the design is still relevant to my buisness, open for comments and criticism though!